Abstract layers

Omio is a travel company, which means, we had lots of “products” or trips, like a lot. Any connection between cities and towns would be listed as an item. But of course the images we could use were limited, so we had a problem: Our ads looked repetitive. So we needed to add an element that would break that monotony.

The chaging layer kills the visual monotony.

Also, the other two layers are connected to our product feed, so the end result is infinite options!

Carousel ads on Facebook were the most successful kind of ad in the whole Marketing department. We did a lot of testing to find out what has the best performance. Normally, are used to show a row of products, so the user has direct access to the brand’s catalogue.

This is how a carousel ad set shows up in a mobile device.
This is a full set with the new layer.

We called it, Abstract Layers. Following the brand guidelines, I came up with some designs which would be placed between the destination image and the route information. By doing that, the set would never look the same.

This project was a big success in performance, up to 30%! Even the creative team of Facebook congratulated us on the job.

"...we had a problem: Our ads looked repetitive."