Spot illustrations

Some of the chosen sketches.

This was one of my favorite projects! I collaborated with our Product Design Director. The goal was to come up with ideas for illustrations that would then be used in our App’s flow.

It started with a list of the ideas, it’s placement in our App’s flow, a description and the copy that would be next to the illustration. From that, I came up with some rough sketches.

I did some research for icons and graphics that could inspire and that communicated clearly the idea I was looking for. Having always in mind the brand’s tone of voice and guidelines I started sketching...

I came up with plenty of ideas for each concept. Then met with the stakeholder to reduce the ideas to one per concept. Once we had the final ideas, we shared it with our in-house illustrator, she took care of the final art. Here are some examples.

Final art by Anta Alek
Final illustrations placed in context.